Dive into "POST LP", an instrumental and electronic album embracing radical self acceptance.


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About the Album

In January 2021, Luka Sol embarked on an ambitious musical journey. POST LP is an embodiment of perseverance over impoverished mental health - spun from cold nights, isolation, and profound introspection.

The Experience

From the confines of his living room, Luka Sol explored radical self acceptance with each track, self-producing and stitching together a timeless narrative with a vision to spin to vinyl, uninterrupted from front to finish. The music mirrors the escape found in physical activities - riding bikes, sprinting, or taking solitary night walks - transcending boundaries and evoking blissful states.

The Creative Process

Recording live drums presented challenges. Each drum was isolated and individually recorded, strengthening resolve and resilience. The decision to keep the album instrumental reflects an artistic commitment to long form storytelling over fleeting singles. The journey through childhood and societal conditioning echoes in the music's depth, cultivating a connection to the higher self that transcends words.

Sharing the Gift (Matthew 5:15)

"POST LP" embodies the belief that music is sacred and fuels the inspiration for a life dedicated to musical expression.

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Embrace the transformative power of instrumental music and radical self acceptance.

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Luka Sol - Post LP Album

Currently not available on all streaming platforms

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